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Tips For Your Checkride

1. All applications must be completed using IACRA.

2. IACRA information is difficult to change once the application is submitted and your instructor has signed the application. Please NOTE these common errors. 1. Full legal name. Must be used, no initials unless an initial is used as the legal name. 2. Social Security Number should be checked, Do Not Use. 3. Name of Medical Examiner must be full name to include, M.D. or D.O. etc. 4. Information for only ONE aircraft should be listed in Section II box 1, 2a, & 2b, of the 8710-1 unless we will be using more than one aircraft for the checkride.

3. Check that your Government Photo ID, IACRA 8710-1, Knowledge Test, Pilot Certificate (if applicable), and Student Pilot Certificate/Medical Certificate, all show your FULL legal name. We cannot use only a middle initial on any of your documents, unless, the initial is part of your legal name.

4. During the flight test, the applicant is the Pilot in Command. NOT the EXAMINER. F.A.R. 61.47

5. Read the appropriate Practical Test Standards/Airman Certification Standards for your Checkride. Pay special attention to the Introduction section and the Applicant’s Practical Test Checklist.

6. Remember to bring a hood, or other approved view limiting device.

7. Have your instructor make sure all the required endorsements are complete and up to date. We cannot test if your paperwork is not correct, or if it's incomplete. See the Additional Fees section.

8. Be ready to start on time….Is your aircraft fueled, flight plan complete (to include your weather briefing), IACRA correct and complete?

9. Keep in mind that Flight Planning is not complete until the aircraft has reached the parking area. Where do you want to park, and how are you going to get there?

10. Helpful Tip: Use post-it notes to make a tab in your logbook to show your required aeronautical experience (cross countries, instructor endorsements, night requirements, etc.).

11. Bring a log, or show in your logbook a log of the required ground training required for the certificate or rating sought. F.A.R. 61.105.

12. Bring Aircraft Logbooks/ Maintenance Records, they are required prior to
each Checkride.

13. Look at www.cableairport.com for correct noise abatement procedures.    

14. If the weather is forecast to be IFR the morning of your checkride, consider the following to insure we can begin on time:
A. Bring the aircraft to CCB the night prior to your test.
B. Bring your instructor with you so he/she can file IFR

15. INSTRUCTORS: Please note that the acceptable performance standards listed in the P.T.S. are the minimum standards. Train to tighter standards and there will be no question as to the successful outcome of the Checkride.

16. INSTRUCTORS: BEFORE you sign, or e-sign on IACRA, the Instructor’s Recommendation, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of your student’s information is accurate and correct. Remember your student has limited knowledge of the F.A.A. forms, you are the expert here.

17. INSTRUCTORS: Ensure your student meets the eligibility requirements for the rating/certificate being sought. One way to ensure they are ready is to use the checklist in the front of the P.T.S. as well as, helping them place post it notes in their logbook where they have completed flight time requirements. Do not forget ALL of the required instructor endorsements for the certificate/rating being sought.

18. INSTRUCTORS: Please consider changing your Students VFR weather restrictions to basic VFR.


20. All Checkrides that are conducted at my office, be AWARE of your prop blast. DO NOT turn your aircraft so that your prop blasts into my hangar, another hangar, vehicle or person.

Additional Fees will be charged for the following reasons:

1. IACRA data not correct. It is the responsibility of the Flight Instructor to insure that ALL information is accurate and correct prior to the e-signature. If I have to help you redo your application the day of your checkride, there will be an additional fee added. If we have to reschedule due to an incorrect application, an additional fee will be added prior to making a new appointment.

2. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the certificate/rating being sought.

3. If you are late, and we have to discontinue or reschedule.